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Unique and State of Art equipments at Vertigo Clinic are very much useful so as to reach the correct diagnosis in order to enhance proper treatment. These investigation are needed to be done even before CT Scan or MRI is done. Different tests available at Vertigo Clinic are Laser assisted & fully computerised to eliminate human error. It gives useful information for diagnosing underlying pathology correctly.

Vertigo is commonest syndrome people suffer next to headache. The feeling os spinning is frightening and the person is having great difficulty in performing any activity. There are other associated complaints like nausea, vomiting, sometimes visual disturbance Patient of vertigo needs to undergo careful examination and needs investigations so as to confirm the diagnosis in order to start correct treatment. To maintain balance, ear has very important role. Inner ear has labyrinth & cochlea. Cochlea is hearing apparatus & labyrinth is balance organ. There are three semicircular canals in labyrinth on either side. They are placed on different planes, to enables us spatial orientation. The SCC help in orientation in horizontal plane, the utricle & saccule orient about vertical plane. the superior & vestibular nerves contribute in conducting information to the brain.

About Dr. Ramesh Rohiwal


31 years experience

ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist

During post graduation worked with professor Emeritus, Dr. M. G. Tepan & (Late) Dr. Avinash Bhide, at Pune Temporal Bone Course done under guidance of Prof. Ugo Fisch (Switzerland) Skull Base surgery training at Piacenza, Italy, Prof. Mario Sanna. Special training with Prof Anirban Biswas, Kolkata in Vertigo and balance disorders.

Practicing as a Consultant ENT Surgeon & Otologist since Jan 1985 at Aurangabad. I have been performing all routine ENT Surgeries, Micro-ear Surgeries like Tympanoplasty & Stapedectomy, FESS – Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Lateral Skull Base surgery for Acoustic Neuroma, Glomus tumors Diagnosis & Management of Head & Neck Maligancy.

Facilities Available


Video Nystamography basic test to find out cause of vertigo & dizziness


Straight Visual Vertical Test Assessment of ocular function important in maintaining balance.


Cranio Carpography Assessment of gait abnormalities associated with vertigo & rule out lesions in brain.


Dynamic Visual Acuity


Electro Nystagmography

Caloric Test

Useful assessment of labyrinthine functions


My mother Mrs. Sunita Prayag from Pune (along with my aunt Mrs. Megha Prayag) had visited to your Vertigo Clinic, Aurangabad at the end of Jul-2019 with the problem of Vertigo. Because of your apt treatment and advised exercises, she is feeling completely well and there was no vertigo problem during last three months. As suggested by my Aunt, I would like to briefly share experiences of my mother pertaining to Vertigo as a review for the benefit of other patients.

My mother has been suffering from BP and Diabetes for last 15 and 8 years respectively. She had undergone angiography also few years back. Although these problems were under control and regular lab tests reports were normal, she was frequently complaining about dizziness from last about five years. She was having pain killers prescribed by our specialist doctor for relief. On the suggestion of our doctor, MRI test was conducted but it was normal. In last few months she was facing great difficulty in performing even her daily chores and pain killers were not giving longer relief. Reasons for dizziness were unknown and our doctor were advising for another MRI test.

Amidst this, when she was at Aurangabad, she was not able to do free movement of her neck also. So we suspected spondylitis and rushed to Orthopedic Santpure Hospital. Where Dr. Santapure after examining, referred us to Dr. Rohiwal’s Vertigo Clinic.

At Vertigo clinic, Dr. Rohiwal carefully investigated and did various tests. He diagnosed the exact root cause of the problem which was the weakness of veins behind ears directly connected to brain. He prescribed some medicines just for emergency and a set of exercises. My mother followed the instructions and got the instant result particularly through the exercises suggested by the doctor. It has been more than three months now, but my mother didn’t face that problem again. She is completely cured now.

We all are very much grateful to Dr. Rohiwal for his treatment with minimal medication. I understand that there is lack of awareness in society about Vertigo and are very few well equipped vertigo clinics, so finally I would like to urge people having such problems to visit Dr. Rohiwal’s Vertigo Clinic once instead of losing time, money and energy in other futile or temporary treatments.

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